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Our philosophy is that when you provide something online it's a service, not a product. For every $1 you invest in getting this experience right, you can earn $100 off that investment. You want to give your users a great, consistent experience. Great experiences mean repeat sales and customer loyalty. Smasher.io is designed to help you achieve that through:

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Understand how your app scales
Developer teams

Test how your app works at scale with large numbers of users to see where the bottlenecks are for user experience, so users have a hassle-free time using it.

Increase web app reliability

With app reliability being stable, developers can focus on upgrades, updates and additional service functionality, which can be used to help grow the business.

Increase user satisfaction

Users who have access to reliable web apps will continue to use them. As you're able to add functionality, you can increase satisfaction.

Ensure scalability

By ensuring development of a reliably scaleable app, you create a consistent experience for users that can grow with the business to help revenues

Get ahead of infrastructure issues
Datacenter teams

Infrastructure teams rarely know about resource issues until a web app launches. By then, it's too late. Hasty, expensive solutions are put in place that cause further problems for your budgets & your future growth.

Tweak your compute

By understanding how your users interact with your platform via the web app, you can ensure that you've never under or over committed to compute power, but that your compute power matches your business plans at all times.

Tune Your Network and Security Tools

Does your app need special network or security tools to stop DDoS or hack attacks? How do you know how they'll work to ensure legitimate traffic doesn't get captured? We can simulate high user loads using your web app so you can see how they're working.

Discover your I/O Tolerances

When the web app is running at expected user loads, how does your I/O provision stack up? Match your projections with hard test data from simulated user loads.

Get a better RoI from your web app
Executive Teams

Web apps are a significant investment in any business. When you develop one to drive your brand, your sales and your customer retention, user load failure can cause irreparable damage to your revenue, your brand and your reputation.

Reduce Brand Damage

By testing your web application before and after launch regularily, you can avoid complacency about your investment.

Increase RoI

Following your marketing plans through from your app investment means you can start to realise your return on investment, on time.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

With a reliable app on a reliable platform, your teams can focus on building customer loyalty instead of fighting fires from service issues.

how smasher works

User Load Generation

Based on your web app and your marketing projections, we create a cast of actors (virtual users) in various user loads along with a testing script (a plotted version of how you expect users to use or navigate through your web app).

Load & Performance Testing

Smasher's platform will run the tests on an agreed schedule with you by processing the scripts built up during the discovery process with you. These scripts will run user loads through your web app user process using a large volume of sample user related data we curate with you.

Reporting & Consultancy

Once testing is completed, a performance report will be generated along with observations of anything of note (abnormalities, expected results VS. unexpected results, error rates or errors encountered). Our reporting allows your development & infrastructure teams to take appropriate decisions to ensure your business strategy for your web app continues to meet your budgets.

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